Our Story

Fresh, exciting and innovative. That’s where we begin the story of Creata Direct.  

Launched in February 2012, we’re a new concept in social selling. What’s new about us? Unlike similar companies, Creata Direct’s expertise lies in keeping the effort and ongoing investment to a minimum for our Consultants. Put simply, we do all the hard work. That’s because we believe this really is a ‘social’ business.

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards overseen by our diligent quality assurance team. Why is this important? It gives our Consultants, Coordinators and customers confidence in the quality and durability of our products.


While the start of our story is recent, it has an impressive pedigree. A marriage of Creata Promotions’ worldwide resources with an expansive product range and unmatched product knowledge has created a rewarding business model. This allows our Consultants to build and manage businesses of their own, in ways that best suit their individual lifestyles.

Interested? It’s an opportunity for you to start a new chapter in your life – with minimal financial investment and an unlimited income potential in return.

Our flexible strategic business gives our Consultants the freedom to set their own financial targets, while providing them with the opportunity to create the lifestyle of their dreams. At the same time, they can learn new business skills in a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

This is Our Story. Why not make Creata Direct part of Your Story as we empower you to live the life you want to live?